Cellphones and Electronic Signaling Devices

Students may use cellphones on school campus before school begins and after school ends. Students may use cellphones once they have reached their bus stop. These devices must be kept out of sight and turned off during the instructional program, in the classroom and on the school bus.

Unauthorized use of these devices disrupts the instructional program and distracts from the learning environment. School officials, including classroom teachers, may take the device away from students if used during the times not permitted. Repeated unauthorized use of such devices may lead to disciplinary action.

Students and parents are reminded that during an emergency situation, cellular sites may be overwhelmed due to a high volume of calls. Should this occur, emergency communication could also be affected. It is important that cell phones and other devices be used sparingly so that emergency services have priority to assist the students and staff on the site.

Theft or loss of such devices will not be investigated by school personnel. Students bring such devices at their own risk.

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